More Than 40 Healthcare Marketing Solutions that Generated Better Results Faster

  1. Award winning Alternative Health program
  2. Right time marketing programs for Assisted and Independent Living Senior Care
  3. Double Digit increases for Adult Day Care
  4. Repositioned one of the nation’s top Burn Centers
  5. Packaged and positioned new fast track Breast Care services resulting in double digit growth
  6. Conducted hundreds of hours of marketing research on Baby Boomers while creating nationally syndicated marketing program
  7. Developed integrated communications campaign targeting Back Pain consumers featuring navigator to pull lead generation
  8. Trademarked 6-step approach branding and positioning that has been heralded in publications throughout the US
  9. Packaged and implemented one the nation’s most successful cardiovascular lead generation campaigns
  10. Developed programs for multiple cancer programs throughout the US including Multi-D, MIS, Clinical Trials, Screenings and various subspecialty areas – prostate, breast, etc.
  11. Created and packaged new corporate ID systems that stand the test of time
  12. Developed fully integrated customer retention marketing – the most profitable marketing strategy on earth
  13. Drove 26X increase in sales from database cross-selling to underutilized customer segments
  14. Created launch-marketing for over 2 dozen Emergency Departments garnering 5-7% volume increases
  15. Marketed some of the largest fitness brands in the US
  16. Packaged GYN physician strategies and minimally invasive marketing programs
  17. Attracted new customers and built nursing staff for home health programs 18.
  18. Marketed one of the nation’s largest hospice center
  19. Packaged reference guide to marketing to older adults for sensitive services like incontinence
  20. Created brand campaign resulting in double digit growth for one of the fastest growing most profitable outpatient segments, Diagnostic Imaging
  21. Increased digital marketing program inquiries by 130% with click through rates 3x above category average
  22. Generated multifaceted Joint Center programs targeting both consumers and physicians while linking to webinars
  23. Developed life stage marketing programs to connect programs and services for each stage of life
  24. Performed thousands of hours of market research with consumers, MD’s, referral coordinators, employees, and insurance companies
  25. Developed and marketed medical office buildings, site analysis and geo-demographic profiling
  26. Implemented comprehensive neurosciences strategy and campaign generated up to 10% increase in cases targeting physicians and consumers
  27. Marketed some of the leading Women’s Health programs in the nation, including OB, GYN and NICU, as well as spoke at many different forums on how women influence the healthcare decision
  28. Integrated marketing for B-to-B occupational health including employer segmentation analysis, direct response programs, sales plan development
  29. Recognizing that 1 out of 7 consumers change insurance every year, BeaconFey has created multiple marketing strategies during open enrollment to connect consumers with new providers during open enrollment
  30. Spent years driving increased market share by modality for services like Osteoporosis
  31. Developed a full arsenal of pain management strategies to find and retain these consumers
  32. Pioneered the first hospital physician relations program in the US and have developed hundreds of these programs
  33. Created newly owned physician brand development and revenue maximization to stop the financial bleeding
  34. Recruited physicians in less time by applying best-practice marketing principles
  35. Carried out physician referral research pattern analysis that produced over 100x their value in results
  36. Marketed pediatric specialty services, the area of highest consumer sensitivity
  37. Understands nuances of marketing psychiatric services and has won one the nation’s highest creative awards marketing eating disorders
  38. Marketed advanced database approach for Pharmacy services and developed extensive direct response, research and sales training that has resulted in millions of dollars of increased sales
  39. Launched and marketed Optical services in highly competitive market spaces
  40. Earned an extensive track record from demand analysis to site location comparison to a full complement of consumer marketing tactics
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