What Makes a Successful Agency/Client Relationship?

In today’s world of marketing personnel rosters change more times than the head coach of the Cleveland Browns (seven different coaches since the reformed Browns entered the league in 2000). The fact is it is hard to get sustainable relationship momentum.

After more 30 years in the marketing communications industry there are eight fundamentals we have learned that are key to a beneficial client/agency relationship:

1. Be transparent and honest, even when it hurts or could lead to conflict.

2. Mutual trust and respect go hand in hand in a great partnership.

3. The relationship between an agency and a client is a relationship between people. Smart clients and smart agencies keep communication lines open and clear while working constantly and consistently to keep the relationship on track.

4. Strong partnerships between clients and their agencies will produce the best work and lead to better business results. Longevity, the result of a good partnership, is also a key to solid marketing results.

5. Both parties need a mutual understanding of expectations

6. Mistakes, Risks and Disagreements – It’s ok to make mistakes and take risks. It is ok to disagree on things. No one is perfect, and without disagreements, not enough perspectives are seen.

7. Have fun with each other. Marketing should be fun. Take time to make the journey enjoyable, this will build the relationship and trust.

8. As my mom always said, treat each other like you want to be treated.

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