The Principals

Headed by two veterans of marketing, each with over 25 years of marketing and communications expertise, BeaconFey offers you a scientific approach to marketing with our trademarked system that makes advertising and communications predictable, accountable, and actionable.

Paul J. Wingate

Mr. Wingate, a native of Baltimore, Maryland, has over twenty five years of marketing communications experience, working with well over 300 organizations covering a broad array of solutions, including Discovery Channel, Beneficial Corporation, Bally’s Health Club’s and Radnet/Advanced Imaging, the nation’s leading radiological company. Mr. Wingate has category expertise in technology, healthcare, education, financial services, and retail, with particular expertise in all forms of B-to-B marketing. Mr. Wingate, a graduate of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, is an active lecturer on brand positioning, product development, database marketing, and increasing marketing predictability. Mr. Wingate lives in the Baltimore area with his wife and two children.

Robert A. Fey

Mr. Fey has 25 years of marketing and consulting experience. Mr. Fey is the author of The 200-Minute Marketing System, and is an inventor, marketing trainer, and syndicated marketing columnist. Mr. Fey’s marketing tips and techniques have been featured in magazines, trade journals, and university curricula around the world, including: Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, Warfield’s, and a host of business journals throughout the U.S. Mr. Fey is an active lecturer for the American Marketing Association, Johns Hopkins University, Towson University, and the University of Baltimore. Mr. Fey holds a bachelor’s of science degree in marketing from Northern Illinois University and an MBA from the University of Illinois. Mr. Fey lives in the Baltimore area with his wife and son.

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