Case Studies: Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy Association

The Challenge
Changing the brand position to more accurately connect to customer needs and wants. Research suggested the need to change Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy's current position/theme line, "More than a pharmacy," since consumers are less interested in the added benefits offered by the association's mail order pharmacy, and more interested in convenience. Research revealed that the top three factors determining where a CF patient would purchase their medication were time, money, and convenience (less hassle, and insurance coverage).

The Solution
BeaconFey created a brand position expressed in a new theme line, "CF is complicated. Getting your medicine shouldn't be." By implementing a database marketing solution based on Recency, Frequency, and Amount tiered modeling strategies, BeaconFey developed a revenue-generating direct mail cross-selling program communicating the new brand position.

The Results

  • The voice became clear, consistent, and more relevant to the target audience.
  • All creative executions were unified and linked to the new strategy and brand position.
  • Imagery was connected to the new voice.
  • The message was linked to market analytics that required connecting to convenience factors, not the added value benefits.
  • 23,430 pieces, each with segmented cross-selling strategies, drove $5.3 million in sales.
  • The campaign grew their lowest tiered customer segment by a factor of 26X.
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