Case Study: BankAnnapolis

Reposition an established local bank

The Challenge
Reposition local bank in a market over-swept by national merger craze. Promote value to customers who don't believe any bank can be responsive to their needs.

The Targets
Small businesses with $0.5 million to $5.0 million in annual sales, primarily doing business in real estate development, construction, marine, and professional services.

The Solution
Employed BeaconFey's six-step Value Proposition System to arrive at a unique, compelling message for small business owners. Discovered universal need amongst business owners to conduct banking with better-empowered employees, fewer hassles, and more innovative services. Worked with bank to re-engineer policies and products to align with small business needs.

With a modest television production budget, shot :30 spots featuring bank employees caught in the act of providing unheard of service. Depicted employees as casually dressed and friendly. Introduced tag line: The Bank That Doesn't Act Like One.

Used classic mail packages and postcards to reach small business owners frequently. Each mailing introduced an innovative new product tied to convenience, service, and innovation. Each mailing made a strong offer to respond, and generated numerous inquiries for the bank's sales team to follow up on.

The Results

  • In one year: Non-interest income rose 31.6%
  • Total assets increased by 27.7%
  • Commercial deposits increased 78.9%
  • Demand deposit accounts increased by 73%

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