Case Study: The Discovery Channel

The Challenge
Introduce new middle school science products from a company previously known only for its on-air programming and educational videos. Successfully market a catalog roll-out into an education industry already over-run with catalogs offering me-too products.

The Target
Middle school science teachers.

The Solution
Reinvented catalogue marketing approach based on revenue generating models and recasting pagination to maximize ROI. Developed new organizational approach, a first for the industry, based on grouping products not by media type but by subject type. Also, introduced direct response approach to print ads, without losing vibrant brand appeal. Succinctly explained new "just in time" catalog concept to teachers. Successfully used frequency mailers to boost catalog sales and qualified leads. Used different mail pieces to accomplish specific objectives: expand market, cross-sell, up-sell, relationship build.

The Results
Blew out first half-year sales goal of nearly $1 million.

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