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We can help you solve your toughest healthcare marketing challenges. For more than 20 years, we've been meeting and exceeding our clients' goals; delivering powerful results for hundreds of healthcare organizations including hospitals, health systems, home health groups, and physicians.

We can help build your overall brand or tackle a specific project-systematically translating market data into strategic communications programs that drive results. Our success has been featured in Hospitals & Health Networks, Best Practice, Healthcare Advisory Board, and Healthcare Advertising Review.

6 Reasons We Deliver More Results

1: We know healthcare inside out, and since we're already up the learning curve,
you save time and money.

2: Our trademarked approach differentiates services and builds brand equity by linking all communications back to an effective strategy.

3: We become an extension of our clients' marketing departments, successfully working with professionals up and down the chain of command.

4: We identify patterns within mountains of data, distilling it into useful, concise knowledge that drives smart decisions.

5: Our creative solutions motivate hearts and minds by leveraging both left-brain logical needs and right-brain emotional needs.

6: We have a nuanced understanding of how to effectively reach and persuade consumers, doctors, nurses, and hospitals gained through interviewing and selling to thousands of them.

Healthcare Case Studies

18% Increase in Angioplasty

Created angioplasty campaign for Maryland hospital competing against Johns Hopkins. Grew interventions by 18% and built brand preference to #1. Campaign included TV, Radio, direct mail, primary care physician detailing, public relations, internet and lobbying.

$2.4M New Revenue in Cardiovascular Screenings

Created and developed online cardiovascular screening program. Motivated over 40,000 consumers to take online test, resulted in over 2,000 calcium scores, and earned $2.4M in downstream revenue.

109% Increase in Nurse Recruitment Response

Created breakthrough nurse recruitment program that increased applications by 109% for one-third the cost of average headhunters. Program is rated best practice by Health Care Advisory Board, and used for recruiter training in major systems across the U.S.

15% Increase in ED Visits

Developed Emergency Department campaign to reposition a prominent New York hospital and introduce their new facilities. This campaign resulted in a 15% increase of Emergency Department visits. 

5-to-1 ROI Generated for Diagnostic Imaging

Developed marketing targeting consumers and physicians for the nation's largest diagnostic imaging company. Generated a 5-to-1 ROI in just 9 weeks.

32% Increase in Neuro Office Visits

Developed a comprehensive consumer and physician marketing plan for one of the East Coast's most progressive health care systems. Campaign was able to increased neurosurgery office visits by 32% and OR cases by 10% within 60 days.

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