Case Study: AmericasDoctor

Marketing a healthcare technology company

The Challenge
Launch a new technology company and begin supporting immediate $100,000+ sales to healthcare customers.

The Targets
CEO, CFO, COO, President, and VP-level executives at over 5,000 U.S. hospitals.

The Solution
Designed fact-filled, journalistic style trade ad that capitalized on the Internet buzz at a time when one out of four websites was health related ... but few sites were providing real value to the site owner or to visitors. Used AOL tie-in to establish credibility. Blitzed executives with four mailings in 30 days to challenge their misperceptions that the Internet could not generate a revenue stream for hospitals. Supported sales with value-added, "in-the-can" ad program that helped new hospital clients immediately promote the new service to their customers. Developed a comprehensive press packet, including B-roll video. Established contacts with print and broadcast reporters, editors, and producers nationwide. Scheduled satellite news conferences.

The Results
In just 45 days generated a qualified response from 10% of all hospitals. Received Modern Healthcare's award for highest ad readership. Landed them on Good Morning America and placed articles in Forbes and Fortune.

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