Case Study: St. Joseph Medical Center Early Detection Marketing

The Challenge
Motivating asymptomatic baby boomers to take 7- minute web based heart attack prevention program. Special focus on males who are less compliant on preventive health screenings.

The Solution
Created multi-media campaign featuring fit athletes who are about to have heart attacks in juxtaposition to average mid-life adults…intimating if it can happen to them, what does that say about my risk? Integrated solutions included TV, radio, print, web, PR and outreach to employers and primary care physicians.

The Results
Over 30,000 web hits to take test with 88% completing test. 15% of consumers who took the web assessment were at risk, with 72% of those interested in taking next step which is a discounted calcium scoring CT scan. Downstream revenue generated in excess of $1.5 million dollars.

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