Online Marketing in Today's Healthcare Environment

“The most influential are the most helpful.”

This is especially true for healthcare providers. If you want to become a leading source that patients turn to online, you have to be helpful, answering their concerns as quickly as they’re asked and easing their fears. If you want patients to become more informed, then inform them!

We live in a world that allows us both access to others and access to information. This shift has had a major impact on the way healthcare (and other such organizations) have to market their product. Engaging in authentic and helpful dialogue with their patients will help promote their brand and provide an essential service.

Why is patient engagement so important? How does this affect our healthcare system? Can this shift lead to improvements across the entire healthcare system?

The statistics are overwhelming and do seem to speak for themselves:

  • 83% of Americans don’t follow treatment plans given by their doctors exactly as prescribed
  • 42% of Americans feel they would be more likely to follow their prescribed treatment plans if they received encouragement and coaching from their doctors between visits

Patient engagement is a matter of life and death. According to a 2009 Kaiser study of coordinated cardiac care:

  • Patients have an 88% reduced risk of dying of a cardiac-related cause when enrolled within 90 days of a heart attack, compared to those not in the program
  • Clinical care teams reduced overall mortality by 76% and cardiac mortality by 73%

Building a healthcare system based on support, care coordination, and engagement of patients is how we can reform our population-based mode of care and truly provide personalized medicine. Through continuous patient engagement we can learn how to improve care for the individual.

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