Professional Associations: Strengthening Your Message to Achieve Better Results

Professional associations live in a complex B-to-B sales environment. Members and prospects are often from organizations with many different stakeholders facing a variety of needs and concerns.

Since many professional associations are not effectively managing this complex environment, memberships and revenues are declining across the country. Associations tell us:

  • “Our membership growth has stalled.”
  • “We are experiencing issues with member retention.”
  • “Our communication materials fail to break through and create involvement.”
  • “We need a better way to cost-effectively market our programs and services.”
  • “Our programs and services are not being noticed, understood, nor used.”

Sound familiar? The solution may not be as complicated as you think. Using a simple 4-tiered approach, your professional association can gain insight into powerful data that likely already exists. By mining this data and translating the results, your professional association will have the roadmap needed to grow.

TRANSLATE We translate market analytics into powerful insights for improved targeting, stronger differentiation, and deeper understanding of market opportunities.

MOTIVATE We develop relevant, impactful, action-inspiring creative based on our deep and nuanced understanding of each target—matching the right message to the right market.

ACCELERATE We generate more prospects, closes, and revenue faster by leveraging a wider range of marketing tactics—tapping and improving each one to multiply your overall success.

CULTIVATE: Leveraging every aspect of the customer database to capitalize on powerful database behavior, cross-selling, upselling, and maintaining customer loyalty.

As a result you can retain more members, find new prospects like your best current members, and increase share of wallet and revenue through your most profitable asset—existing loyal members.

Working with a brand expert who understands the challenges membership organizations face is critical. Developing a program that will create true value and content, inspire current members to stay, attract new members to join and drive future growth are all key when evaluating your marketing needs.

BeaconFey Marketing & Communications has more than 30 years of experience in translating complex data into actionable marketing programs that create true value and content, inspire current members to stay, attract new members and drive future growth for professional associations. Our award-winning team is skilled in a variety of disciplines to ensure your marketing dollars are well spent and your message reaches the right audience at the right time.

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